Wednesday, September 30, 2009

* full moon over quanah *

(11:00 pm)
driving by the light of
jupiter following the moon
at just the right moment
the timing belt shreds

(12:00 midnight)
lying bundled in an empty field
up above, the cold night sky
football field on the road just ahead
sign says this is "indian territory"

(1:00 am)
son to tow truck driver
he was a native chief? "yep"
so how'd he get his own town name?
well...(long pause) he was an "indian"

(2:00 am)
walkin' in to quanah parker inn
sleepy indian pulls on slippers
scent of curry through open window
"good evening sir, smoking or non-smoking"?

(3:00 am)
son walks outside the smoke-free room
pulls an additive free smoke
from a pack of natural american spirit
and lights a match

Saturday, September 12, 2009

(( end without world ))

cool wind upon your cheek,
stillness in the bones beneath.
flesh and blood, on the day of birth,
scattered soon upon the earth.
all here is yes and all is no,
all in motion, ebb and flow.
sun shine on and through to know,
from conscious high and callous'd low.
down stream now, against, diffused,
pick up, divert, awake, reuse.
symbols shout, and push, and crowd,
none clear as nothing, none so loud.
tell of this world, world without end,
on to an end without world again.