Friday, November 21, 2008

lux/i/foros (lucid flying)

"lucifer qui mane oriebaris"...

growing out from a bluff side, an evergreen cedar,
with fascination, he steps out across the chasm,
and into the smooth entangled branches.

looking down, roots like legs send into the darkness,
another moment, it gives way and he falls back,
into empty sky, stars above, city lights far below.

in free descent now, wind beating mercilessly,
gazing deeply, then eyes closed and letting go,
at peace, gravity's weight begins to fade.

Monday, November 10, 2008

* gravity (cualquier cosa sentir vivo) *

night now the moon is full, ascending to pierce indigo blue,
only a moment later, or two, back again this heaviness of flesh,
reaching, trying to feel, a burning coal against your skin,
now plunging into icy wetness, anything to tell you you're alive,
some connection, to wake from this dream of ghosts and apparition.

noche ahora la luna es llena, asciende para cortar el azul de indigo,
solamente un momento más, o dos, otra vez este peso de la carne,
tocando para sentir, un carbón fiero contra su piel,
ahora en las aguas heladas, cualquier cosa sentir vivo,
una conexión, para a despierte de este sueño de fantasmas y aparición.