Thursday, August 9, 2012

creation story

there, among the ruins, up into the eyes of mercy.
racing thoughts, a watering in my mouth, the scent of a lilac.
mocked now by all the things I could have done.

the laughter after the joke, the ringing in my ears.
ecstasy giving way to fever and delirium.
a sensing of the all expansive, yet nowhere to be found.

seeing it all so clearly now, like a gift.
stumbling somewhere between waking and sleeping.
so subtle, always there, just waiting.

walking around barefoot in my dreams.
feeling…I am not this, I am not this…
and where are you now, and what are you thinking?

i remember, it all seemed so easy then.
the stroke of a brush, a gentle caress.
imagination taking form.

feverish, an apocalyptic snowfall,
riding downhill in graceful arcs.
catching a snowflake on my tongue.

in creation it appears, there is no limit,
out of nothing, infinity springs forth.
a dab of paint, the breath of life.

Earth dissolves into water, water dissolves into fire,
fire dissolves into air, air dissolves into the void.
grace and karma, sister and brother.

Listen, engage the world through a child's eyes.
exhilaration, riding on a narrow ledge over such a deep chasm.
a land shrouded in fog, swimming now, far out in the ocean.

this tidal wave of Samsara.
droning feedback rushes through, coursing upward,
In such proximity, yet always just beyond reach.