Monday, September 12, 2011

and nothing as my guide

everything i am inclined to hold onto, let it go.

every object, every belief, every opinion.

to become clear, like the reflection in a mirror.

an empty vessel, in all ways free,

with gratitude for all, and nothing as my guide.

summer musings

i am just passing through (why is it when you want to say something profound, it just turns out scatalogical?).

Student at campus art reception says, "art is like the Blob, it's always moving". Not quite sure I got it, but I like the analogy nonetheless.

Dreamt I was in a crowd of people, when a racoon runs up, jumps in my arms and starts nibbling at my fingers. Then another does the same. Then a monkey jumps up and I'm holding all three in my arms...

Electrical storm lights the moist night sky, lights flicker and fade, all downtown is blackness for a moment.

The future is always unknown to us. There is an element of trust in stepping from this moment into the random uncertainty of the next. But that's how it works. Uncertainty reminds us that we are here to fully occupy this moment, now.

baby steps on the road to nowhere...

Sometimes you have to give up a good idea to get to a great one.

The end game of all dualities.
Paying homage at the altar to the Clowns who run the Big Top.

Midnight, hallucinatory rays of light skimming across the desert. A voice fades in and out, airwaves mixing with overtones: "Tibetans call it the rainbow body"...and that moment the rain hits. Splashing across the windshield in torrents and flashes of lightning. Suddenly everything accelerates. Satori rides shotgun.
‎...and let it not be said, when history writes its' fabled lore, that destiny let these two brave men slip from her storied grasp.

Dreamt of a slight man, dyed blonde combover, pale leisure suit, holding me and a roomful of others hostage, planning us harm. As he explained why, I looked at the others, whispering "are we going to allow this?", then turned off the lights as we descended on him en masse.
Drivin' all night in the summer time...kooky hallucinatory am radio callers fade out as self-important right wing djs massage their egos across the black empty sea of night, now giving way to sunrise over Amarillo, and on into the hot oven blast known as Texas.

calm abiding.

what have i learned so far? 1) i like shooting pool w/friends 2) complete solitude truly reveals you to yourself 3) i'm not yet fully comfortable with that 4) the self-balance of nature seems a form of perfection, yet involves killing to sustain itself. more investigation required.
The real, revealed in the mythical, spoken of in dreams and broken fragments of perception. Today I will use my imagination to recreate the world,

Yes, it is absurd. And yes, it is a caricature. But rap culture got it exactly right: we create an image of the world we as we want it to be, then walk into that picture. Such is the power of the imagination. Strip away the ego while doing so, and you have hit the jackpot.

I learned a new visualization technique last night on the road. Early in the trip my tire shredded, leaving me with no spare and four hundred miles to go. I kept focusing my mind on the sound of the gravel driveway under my tires ahead at my destination. Eight hours later, I was there, pulling into that real driveway.