Wednesday, April 20, 2011

verses (pt. iii)

i trust the validity of my experiences.

they give me insight into reality.

this basic truth is accessible to all.

when i slow down and observe life, i become aware.

with this awareness, existing power structures no longer matter, be they social, political, or religious.

this includes those that i have constructed inside my own mind.

they tell me to be fearful for my soul, my freedom, my reputation.

i realize that these are only words to reinforce an outdated sense of self.

beyond that, there is an expansiveness that envelopes all.

it is still, quiet, and yet more powerful than any weapon made by human hands.

Monday, April 18, 2011

verses (pt. ii)

musky scent of fresh rain falls / fresh yet pungent too /earth calling us to itself. (04.15.11)

outside of time, we haven't yet been born, and we're already dead...from that perspective, what becomes most important right now? (04.14.11)

so many faces, so many expressions of reality, so many directions we throw ourselves in, connections all. some more distant, others so near, all in ebb and flow. (04.11.11)

The only hells that exist are the ones we create for ourselves and others. (04.04.11)

brisk feeling in the air, diffused light glowing on the landscape, birds calling in the trees, a fleeting limnal state all. (03.30.11)

The material world presents itself to us in oppositional terms. So those who work really hard at being peaceful, are usually the ones who are the most turbulent on the inside. Yeah Randall, I'm talkin' about you. (03.24.11)

When I'm taking long road trips, I come up with so many cool FB status posts while out on the road...pithy, meaning laden quotes. By the time I actually log onto FB, they're all gone, vanished back into the muse. (03.22.11)

lying in the pool, looking up, i saw a flock of birds gliding aimlessly on the currents of wind, many hundreds of feet up in the clear blue sky. later, in the evening we saw them gliding in to nest for the evening...a flock of huge, graceful vultures. (03.19.11)

(( wild abandon )) (03.11.11)

so grateful that there is love, to give and to receive. (03.03.11)